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At Lake Shore Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma, we passionately emphasize the importance of a 100% natural recovery. Overcoming an injury or surgery with medication-free physical therapy enables patients to avoid potential side effects. Furthermore, it allows our patients to find greater enjoyment in life!

Henry “Butch” Purslow has over 34 years’ experience helping patients lead a more healthy and active lifestyle, using state-of-the-art treatment and therapy to treat a diverse range of issues.

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Physical Therapist providing Joint Mobilization Services

Our Physical Therapy Rehab Services Treat:

  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Elbow & Hand Pain
  • Ankle & Foot Pain
  • Workers Comp
  • No Fault
  • MS Management & Treatment

Physical therapy encourages the correct healing of injuries to these joints. Additionally, it helps to ensure maximum recovery and functionality. We focus on pain management, strength, range of motion, and individual patient goals. Ultimately, all of our techniques are in place to help our patient return to doing the things they love free from any pain or reduced mobility.


What is Physical Therapy?

Of course, naturally-occurring injuries are inevitable throughout our daily lives. Whether from sports injuries, job site accidents, injuries that affect muscles, tendons, ligaments or other body parts, these injuries can have a serious impact on one’s everyday life.

Often, these injuries prevent people from doing what they love. And they’re a major setback for exercise and fitness goals. When you’ve suffered from an injury that inhibits movement, or makes moving painful, physical therapy is your best solution. At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, we specialize in providing effective, individualized treatment.

The primary purpose of physical therapy is providing restorative care that enables patients to resume a pain-free life. Following an injury, it’s important to avoid surgery as an instant recourse. Whereas an injury may be severe, surgery can increase the likelihood for future problems, because of its many side effects.

Additionally, surgery can cause the original issue to resurface, as it doesn’t guarantee a permanent solution. Therefore, to restore your body’s functions and complete range of motion, physical therapy is undeniably the best method.

Throughout the course of guiding patients through physical therapy, the therapist’s is to restore a pain-free lifestyle. So, by pushing an injured body part’s limits within a controlled environment, our specialists help to regain their previous functionality. As physical therapy gradually restores each body part, it also relieves pain, and helps you feel stronger. Based on individual conditions and needs, there are a few ways that a doctor may navigate your treatment.


Some Treatments We Perform:

  • Exercises and Stretches

    Of course, these are cornerstones of physical therapy treatments. First and foremost, exercising and stretching are critical to regaining full mobility. Therefore, depending on the injury, the Lake Shore physical therapist will guide patients through individual stretches and exercises. Finally, at the treatment’s conclusion, the doctor will recommend in-home exercises to continue treatment. In addition to further healing the body, these in-home exercises also provide mental health benefits.

  • Soothing Techniques

    To ease pain and foster positive restoration, soothing techniques like massage, heat and cold therapy are imperative to any physical therapy treatment plan. Additionally, these techniques will decrease tension, improving the muscle’s overall health. These techniques are used to help ease back pain, shoulder pain, and more.

  • Gait Training

    After a leg or knee injury, it’s difficult to return to your former walking habits. Therefore, gait training guides patients back towards healthy, non-painful walking capabilities.

  • Balance Therapy

    Even without an injury-inducing accident, it’s common for people to lose balance over time. In order to help patients who have lost their inner sense of balance, physical therapists may provide balance therapy by including specific exercises in treatment plans.

  • Manual Therapy

    To address the root of the problem in the muscles, manual therapy is the practice of manipulating specific body parts with high-velocity, low-amplitude thrusts. Often, therapists apply these techniques to those with shoulder injuries. Common examples of manual therapy include joint mobilization, strain-counterstrain, and soft tissue mobilization.


Individualized Physical Therapy in Ronkonkoma

Of course, we acknowledge that no two muscle injuries are identical. Therefore, when it comes to physical therapy, each patient needs an individualized treatment plan to help them overcome their specific injury. Between exercising, stretching/warming up and proper diet, a treatment plan is essential to a successful recovery.

Prior to beginning treatment, our physical therapy staff located in Ronkonkoma will carefully assesses each patient to determine their condition. By examining injured body parts and their surrounding muscles, we can learn more about the scope of their injury. Furthermore, by considering any pre-existing conditions, our physical therapist can create an ideal treatment plan for all individuals.