Pregnant woman suffering from backache during walk in the park

Pregnancy Discomfort: How Physical Therapy Can Help

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life.

The reality is though, that as the body changes in magnificent ways, discomforts are likely to pop up. Here at Lakeshore Physical Therapy, we understand the desire to treat things during pregnancy in a natural way. It is of the utmost importance to us to help our patients thrive and recover medication-free.

Let’s look at it- pregnancy brings about the miracle of life. Before that little baby arrives though, mom-to-be is growing a human inside of her. Every bit of energy mom has to offer is being used to manufacture the skin, bones, organs of the little one! It makes sense that your body may experience its own kinks and pains. That’s why Lakeshore Physical Therapy is here to help the women of Long Island as they enter into this new season in their lives.


Pregnancy Aches & Pains

Women express experiencing similar things across the board when it comes to pregnancy. Lower back pain, headaches, round ligament pain, and wrist pain.

Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy. It can be caused by a number of reasons. The first being a change in the body’s hormones. The body experiences a surge of the hormone relaxin.  Relaxin prepares your joints to loosen. This pliability aids in the movement of your pelvis as the baby grows and during labor. The downside of that though is exactly the same- loose joints.

A significant change in a woman’s center of gravity is also a culprit of back pain. The abdomen stretches to accommodate the growing baby. Core muscles are activated in ways like never before. The muscles are being stretched and pushed to their limit as the uterus swells. The abdomen and lower back share many muscles. Amniotic fluid, growing breast tissue, and the flourishing baby all account for weight gain that puts stress on mom’s lower back. As a result, strain of the lower back increases.


Tight neck muscles, tension, and poor posture can all cause headaches. While it’s important to report headaches to your OBGYN or Midwife, many times stretching and relaxation exercises can help.

Round ligaments

Round ligaments are what help support the uterus during pregnancy. They connect the abdomen to the groin area. As the baby grows, so does the uterus and abdomen. In turn, women often feel sharp or jabbing pain on the right side.

Wrist Pain

Wrist pain in pregnancy is common. A diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome may be warranted. The carpal tunnel is a very small passageway in the wrist. The body retains fluid during pregnancy. Subsequently, increased pressure is put on the nerves. Numbness, weakness, and a dull ache may be felt in the affected arm.


Targeted PT for All

The physical setbacks we experience can prevent us from doing the things we love. Pregnancy should be a journey you enjoy. The main goal of physical therapy, in all its facets, is to teach you techniques that you can then utilize at home. We work together as a team to make your PT regimen manageable for you to use in your daily schedule.


At Lake Shore PT, we specialize in alleviating lower back pain. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to the holistic treatment of pain. Manipulation through massage, heat, and cold therapy as well as stretching exercises may all relieve your discomfort. Alterations to posture are a key component in reducing stress on the lower back.


Amending posture can help to ease headaches. Physical manipulation of tight joints and muscles in the upper spine will help to loosen things up for mom and help lighten the amount of tension that leads up to the head. By discussing personal details about your diet, daily activity, and stressors in your life, physical therapists can help you make a plan to reduce possible triggers.

Round Ligaments

Intertwined by an intricate network of connective tissues the back, pelvis and abdomen all affect each other. Pelvic tilt exercises, gentle stretches, and general mobility exercises can all help to diminish constant round ligament pain. A physical therapist will also assist you in practicing safe and effective ways of changing positions to lessen the likelihood of round ligament pain.

Wrist Pain

Guidance and understanding are key to alleviating pregnancy wrist pain. Surprisingly enough, posture and maintaining spinal alignment can help with wrist pain. Physical therapists will show you how to avoid painful bending and over-extending of the wrist in order to keep the pressure off the nerves of the wrist. Stretching, strengthening, and splinting will also diminish wrist pain.


Getting Ongoing Relief Through PT

Education, adjustments to daily activities, and support will all help towards restoring your daily function. Lake Shore Physical Therapy prides itself as one of Long Island’s best PT practices to helping clients back to a high quality of life without the use of medication. There is no need to suffer alone, we have the answer and we’re ready to work together so you can reap the benefits during this beautiful transition period in your life.