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Physical Therapy After Your Knee Surgery

At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, we love what we do. And we’re passionate about our practice because we know firsthand the kind of benefits patients receive from our treatments. Additionally, we understand that physical therapy is the best way to recover from trauma, car accident injuries or illnesses. Not too long ago, the medical community considered painkillers or surgery the only solutions to these issues. However, we’re finally reaching a universal understanding that physical therapy is the safest, most natural and efficient way to heal, restore mobility and recover.

In addition to healing acute and chronic injuries, it’s also an excellent way to streamline complete recovery from a recent surgery. In fact, many patients who undergo knee surgery, whether arthroplasty or replacement, are finding out just how effective it is at helping them heal fast. This post will explore physical therapy’s remarkable role in recovering from knee surgery.

Restoring Range of Motion

Of course, after surgery comes stiffness, discomfort and pain. The aftermath of an operation can be highly unpleasant, to say the least. Often, knee surgery patients find it hard to freely move the knee, whether to bend or straighten it. Aches and pains inhibit their ability to do much with it, besides remain still. And when there’s limitations on a joint’s range of motion, it leads to even more pain. As a result, even the simplest, most mundane daily activities can become extremely taxing. However, the stretches and exercises in the right treatment can be a huge help.

Basically, the term “range of motion” describes straightening and bending the knee repeatedly to loosen (or “warm up”) the joint. And stretches target the muscles surrounding the knee, usually holding a specific position for about a minute. In fact, knee surgery aside, stretching in general can seriously improve your overall health and wellness. Of course, it’s essential to remember: do not neglect your breathing during your stretches!

Restoring & Enhancing Strength

Usually, following an operation, there’s a pretty significant degree of weakness in your muscles. Fortunately, physical therapy won’t just restore the strength that’s eluding you. In addition, eventually you’ll find that it’s actually given you quite a boost in strength that wasn’t there before.

At first, your treatment will likely introduce very simple exercises that you can do sitting or laying down. The beginning of treatment is more about assessing your abilities and inabilities, and establishing reasonable parameters for the breadth of your exercises. However, as your treatment progresses, you can expect the exercises to steadily challenge you more and more. You’ll move on to the kind of exercise you can only do standing up, with your weight on your knee again.

Choosing Lake Shore Physical Therapy for Knee Surgery Rehab

Our treatment places a prominent focus on achieving our patient’s needs and goals. And we calibrate everything we do in order to ensure we’re consistently working towards that purpose. It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking treatment to recover from knee surgery or improve your cardiac health. Ultimately, we’ll collaborate closely with you to develop a treatment plan that delivers maximum results and benefits, and gives you a pain-free, independent life.