Female trainer helping senior woman doing yoga. Elder woman bending over a exercise mat with personal instructor helping at gym.

How Yoga Can Enhance Your Sense of Balance

We rely on our sense of balance every day. In fact, we probably need it more than we may initially think. When we exercise, play sports, even cross the street – we’re engaging our natural ability to maintain balance. For seniors, balance is especially important. Often, even a brief lapse in balance can have devastating consequences for senior citizens. Therefore, finding ways to improve balance can only be beneficial. 

At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, we guide our patients through numerous exercises that rely on balance to accomplish our goal. More than anything, we want our patients to lead pain-free, healthy lives through their best treatment options. Therefore, we highly recommend not only exercising regularly, but working towards refining things like balance, strength, coordination and more. Combining yoga with physical therapy is among the most beneficial decisions one can make for their health. However, did you also know that yoga can revolutionize our sense of balance? In this post, we’ll explore how yoga can help you to greatly enhance your balance.

What Is Balance? 

Of course, this may seem a painfully obvious question. Basically, balance occurs when your muscle groups coordinate, or work together. As a unit, these muscle groups allow us to perform a conscious, desired action. Our muscles use nerve endings which deliver signals to our brains. 

Then, our brains automatically direct these signals back down to our muscles. As a result, these dictate which muscles to engage, and with how much force. Every second we’re standing on our feet, our bodies engage this procedure to remain upright. 

Why Improve Balance? 

Why is it so important to maintain or improve our balance? Of course, every single one of us knows the dreadful feeling of losing our balance and colliding violently with the floor. Therefore, the immediate answer would be to avoid the blunt force trauma we endure whenever we take vicious spills. In fact, many physical therapy patients seek treatment for injuries sustained from sudden, violent falls.

In addition, from a physical therapy perspective, there’s another major incentive. With good balance, we inherently direct our bodies away from common summertime injuries like sprains, strains, and degenerative diseases. 

How Yoga Can Enhance Your Balance  

Of course, yoga is beneficial for a variety of reasons. However, when it comes to balance, it could possibly be the most effective way to improve it. Yoga helps millions of people stay active, improve their balance, coordination, focus, posture and general motion (among others) every day. When part of a regular routine, yoga significantly improves our general movement, strength development and transition mastery. 

When practicing yoga, focus your efforts on alignment, attention and strength. Your body must be synonymous with gravity to make balance a possibility. Therefore, alignment is essential to improving your balance with yoga. Of course, our strength is what provides us with the power to locate, hold and adjust our alignment. And attention is critical in order to be mindful of alignment. As a result, you can adapt whenever necessary. 

Enhancing flexibility in poses, and consistently adapting is essential to success. Furthermore, most yoga experts recommend using the brain over the body, and not forcing your way through balancing poses. 

Conclusion – Lake Shore Physical Therapy

We’re always happy to consult with our patients on how they can enhance their sense of balance. Of course, we’ll provide each person with their own, individual plan in order to maximize results for them, specifically. Each patient is different. Therefore, we customize every single treatment plan in order to accommodate the specific needs and goals of each patient.

Maintaining a strong, resilient sense of balance is one essential step towards living an overall healthier lifestyle. Yoga can help with this and provide several other fantastic benefits at the same time.