How Physical Therapy Restores Mobility

Obviously, physical therapy is a branch of medicine with countless benefits. At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, we know very well how difficult and debilitating acute and chronic pain can be. Often, our patients come to us during their first visit and describe a wide variety of issues – anything from back pain to sports injuries and more. Of course, one of the most common ailments relates to limited mobility.

When we can’t move around on our own and stay active, it has a severe effect on our quality of life. Feeling dependent on others can be demoralizing, to say the least. Physical therapists are body motion experts. In addition, they guide patients through non-invasive exercises that trigger our body’s natural ability to heal. In this post, we’ll discuss how physical therapy can restore mobility and bring you back to an independent, self-sufficient life.

Performance & Capacity

During physical therapy, therapists guide patients through exercises that enhance coordination, core strength, endurance, speed and more. Fortunately, these are physical skills that they can benefit from long after treatment. Many patients employ them within their sports, work, hobbies, and everyday life. For young athletes trying to heal from exercise mistakes or improve their performance, this is indispensable. Also, it’s essential for the older population trying to avoid common age-related disabilities from acute or chronic injury.

Basically, certified and licensed physical therapists can effectively alleviate the symptoms of your injury. In addition, they can walk you through exercises that can help prevent injury in the long run.

Effective Pain Management

One of the most common (and obvious) reasons for immobility is physical pain. Unfortunately, we all know that there are numerous “pain relief” techniques that are dangerous and destructive. Many resort to narcotic painkillers in order to ease the pain from an acute or chronic injury. As a result, they can become dependent on the drug and find themselves consumed by a drug addiction that began with something as harmless as a prescription. Or, in some cases, many undergo invasive procedures (surgeries) that are quite taxing and leave them bedridden for long periods of time.

Luckily, physical therapy has none of these drawbacks, but triple the results. First, a physical therapist will identify the issue that’s preventing you from moving about on your own. Next, they’ll develop a custom treatment plan specifically for you and carefully refine it for the purpose of getting you back on your feet permanently.

Throughout treatment, they’ll help you to resolve the underlying factors which are responsible for your immobility. Usually, these factors are problems like scar tissue, range-of-motion limitations, muscle engagement and posture imbalance. Without eliminating these variables, your pain relief and mobility would be fleeting at best.

Conclusion – Lake Shore Physical Therapy

Helping our patients regain mobility and independence, and improve their quality of life, is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do. Providing patients with individual treatments to strengthen their body, recover from injury and even improve their mental health is, perhaps, the most fulfilling aspect of working in our field.

With physical therapy, it’s entirely possible to heal from the issues keeping you immobile and significantly change your life in a positive, healthy way.