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How Physical Therapy Improves Cardiac Health

According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Therefore, it’s essential for everyone, from teens to seniors, active or sedentary, to know techniques to improve their heart health. At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, we’re passionate about more than just guiding our clients through therapeutic exercises to overcome acute and chronic injuries. In addition, we want to provide them with the information they need to remain healthy and well, in every capacity, for as long as possible. 

Our collective passion for physical therapy is borne out of our inherent desire to help. We find few things as rewarding as our patients working through their therapy and returning to pain-free, mobile lifestyles. Also, we love seeing the countless benefits physical therapy offers that few patients ever expect. One of the most undeniably-beneficial advantages of physical therapy is the superior heart health it can result in. In this post, we’ll explore precisely how physical therapy can improve cardiac wellness.


Heart Disease: Signs, Symptoms & Conditions 

The term “heart disease” can actually describe numerous different conditions, disorders and ailments. Of course, the most common symptoms of heart disease are arrhythmia, heart attack and heart failure. However, it may also arrive in the form of cardiomyopathy, atherosclerosis, congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease (CAD) and more. 

Undoubtedly, CAD is the most common condition. Within the United States, there are more than three million cases on record annually. Coronary artery disease is the result of plaque accumulation within the arteries. The buildup inhibits the channels within, limiting blood flow to the heart. 

Risk Factors 

When it comes to heart disease, there are a lot of different risk factors relevant to this condition. Fortunately, the vast majority of them are within our control. Therefore, you can avoid them entirely with the right practices. 

The most prominent risk factors that we can avoid are high blood pressure and cholesterol, smoking, sedentary lifestyles and obesity. 


How Can Physical Therapy Help? 

Chronic Pain 

Of course, it’s no secret that physical therapy is the best treatment option for resolving chronic pain. However, did you know that it affords an additional benefit: reducing the risk of heart disease? 

In a Journal of Pain study by the U.S. Association for the Study of Pain, research clearly indicates that those with chronic pain are at a higher risk of developing heart disease than those without. 

Keeping You Active 

Unsurprisingly, regular physical activity can eliminate several of the risk factors that we associate with heart disease. Those living a sedentary lifestyle are much more likely to experience a range of heart complications, including heart disease. 

Therefore, physical therapy, by default, can reduce your likelihood of suffering from heart disease by actively engaging your body with specific stretches on a regular basis

Conclusion – Lake Shore Physical Therapy 

Ultimately, physical therapy provides countless health benefits for patients, both expected and unexpected. Of course, injury, pain and disorders are usually the catalyst which compel people to pursue treatment. However, improvements in heart health, along with innumerable other benefits, make physical therapy worthwhile for everyone.