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Exercising: Mental Health Benefits

A proper exercise routine is integral to getting in shape, and staying in shape. However, there are also plenty of other benefits to exercising. Different exercises, particularly running and weightlifting, are widely known as a natural way to combat sorrow, anger, frustration, and other negative emotions. Exercise offers myriad mental health benefits, all of which are beneficial for individuals suffering from these negative emotions.

Running to Relieve Depression

Thankfully, depression is now recognized as a legitimate mental illness, rather than dismissed as a display of emotion. There are many potential ways to treat depression. Maintaining a healthy diet, spending time with friends and family, and taking on new responsibilities are all important in relieving depression. However, exercising is also important.


During a run, your body produces chemicals called endorphins, which transmit positive signals to the brain. The biological intention of these endorphins is to mitigate the physical discomfort that exercise causes, but they will also have a positive impact on mental health. Also known as a runner’s high, the effect that these endorphins has on your body is substantial, and will aid in reshaping one’s mind for more positive thinking.

Additionally, running also raises serotonin levels, which impacts your mental health by making you happier, more focused, and lowers anxiety.

Man Running


Exercise is a reliable and ever-available form of depression relief, making it ideal for anyone experiencing symptoms of depression. To fully gain the benefits of an increased exercise routine, be sure to also get the appropriate amount of sleep.



Meditation has been a fixture in Eastern medicine for almost all of its existence. This is a strong testament to its plentiful positive effects.


Meditation can mean different things for different people. For some, it might mean utter silence, complete concentration, and refraining from any thoughts whatsoever. For others, though, meditation can be sitting quietly and focusing on breathing.

Meditation is not just for those who are seeking a stronger connection with nature or searching for answers. It can also be for those who want to have a generally increased focus, or desire to exercise. In essence, positive meditation habits will allow you to enter a more relaxed state, and to create a structured lifestyle.

Girl Meditating


Studies have shown that meditation allows people to experience these negative emotions less frequency. Meditation also resulted in fewer instances of heart disease, or disfunctional gastrointestinal systems. Meditation also causes people to produce less cortisol, meaning that they were able to handle stress with less difficulty.

The best way to implement meditation on a daily basis is to find a time that consistently works, and follow through with it. With the right outlook and diligent effort, meditation will help enable you to rise above the challenges imposed by depression.


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An active lifestyle will keep your body occupied, and your mind off of unhealthy subject matter. A diligent exercise routine will allow you to overcome this negative outlook, and transition into a positive lifestyle. Contact us for assistance in creating a positive workout routine.