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Exercising: Intensity or Consistency?

When exercising, which tactic is best: intensity or consistency?

For a very long time, this question’s been part of the collective conversation when planning workouts, and for good reason. Each approach requires two wildly different levels of physical activity. And of course, they’ll each yield different results for your body.

In this post, we’ll discuss the advantages (and disadvantages) of intense and consistent workouts.


Going Steady:

What is Steady-State Exercise?

Steady-state exercises are the perfect exercise choice for adventurous, outdoor sightseers that enjoy hiking and bicycling. In essence, steady-state exercise is any cardiovascular exercise that maintains consistent speed and intensity throughout the workout.

The goal of steady state exercise is to push the boundaries of the cardiorespiratory system. Also, to increase aerobic capacity by exercising below the ventilatory threshold for extended periods of time.


Start a Routine

Including steady-state exercise as part of your routine is ideal for creating a balanced workout routine. Spending forty minutes doing cardio or strength training will help your body adjust to this change easily.

Anyone just starting out shouldn’t engage in excessive cardiovascular activity yet. Instead, beginning with fifteen minutes of activity will help you ease into this routine. With this kind of physical activity, there are ample ways to spend time outdoors.


3 Top Advantages

#1 Beginner-Friendly, Fitting for all Ages

Steady-state exercise is great for anyone just beginning to establish a workout routine. Admittedly, these low-intensity workouts may not yield the strongest results. However, they’ll help participants develop a stronger workout discipline. Higher-intensity workouts are often difficult for less experienced athletes to sustain.

#2 Encourages Recovery

Not only are higher-intensity workouts more difficult, they’re also more damaging to the body. Consistent activity applies pressure to the connective tissues and muscles, which may cause acute or chronic injuries over time. With steady-state exercise, you can work out without worrying that your actions will undo your recovery progress.


#3 Easier Way to Burn Calories

The aggressive physical activity of high-intensity workouts is very undesirable. And simply put, it’s an unrealistic decision for some people. For most people, adhering to a steady-state exercise routine is more successful than the often unrealistic goal of high intensity workouts.


HIIT Workouts

HIIT Workouts, or high-intensity interval training, is a workout both athletes and gym attendees use. Rather than employing the technique of consistency that steady-state exercise revolves around, HIIT workouts emphasize speed and intensity.

Insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, and cholesterol profiles are only some of the benefits of HIIT workouts, all while maintaining consistent muscle mass.

3 Advantages of HIIT Workouts

#1 Continue Burning Calories After Workouts

The intensity of these workouts causes athletes to burn more calories than continuous aerobic exercise. Because the workouts tend to increase in intensity, the total amount of calories burned is greater. Regardless of the workout’s intensity, it’s imperative to cool down afterwards every time.


#2 Heightened Endurance

Performing any type of high intensity workout will greatly improve endurance. The training program you choose will adapt with the cellular structure of muscles. As a result, your overall endurance will flourish.


#3 Increased Metabolism

Workouts with a higher intensity are more likely to consume oxygen than other workouts. As a result, this boost in oxygen consumption increases metabolism. Also, a metabolism increase gives you more opportunity to burn calories.

Conclusion – Lake Shore Physical Therapy

Understanding the advantages of each workout method is imperative when determining your own workout schedule. With the right approach, you can construct a workout routine using both methods.

At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, we’ll help to ensure you remain in exceptional shape throughout.