Man after car accident in an orthosis and on crutches learning to walk in the clinic, helpful therapist near him

Car Accidents: Why Physical Therapy Is Your Best Option

One of the most frightening (and common) injuries that patients sustain comes from car accidents, Of course, these accidents vary in severity, and under the best circumstances, everyone involved walks away with no injury. However, a lot of the more serious collisions result in more critical injuries. In the aftermath of an accident, nobody should hesitate before booking a physical therapy appointment.

Physical therapy gives us ways to activate our body’s healing properties and naturally recover from injury or illness. Of course, at Lake Shore Physical Therapy, restoring mobility, independence and pain-free lives to our patients is the most gratifying part of the job. We’re all passionate about guiding our patients, often in pain or immobile, towards complete recoveries. The Lake Shore staff takes pride in offering a way to heal that isn’t prescription painkillers or surgery. 

In this post, we’ll explore how physical therapy helps patients heal from auto accidents and why it’s your best treatment option


1. Physical Therapy Enhances Your Recovery Process 

Often, car accidents are devastating to the body. However, one sobering fact is that we sometimes don’t realize the severity of our injuries until a while after the crash. And in some cases, it takes a few days to begin experiencing the common symptoms of a collision. 

Generally, these include pain and stiffness, range of motion issues and chronic headaches or migraines. Fortunately, physical therapy can restore your strength, improve flexibility and alleviate pain. We develop specific regimens for each individual patient according to their injuries and what will best enhance their recovery. 

Long-Term Damage Prevention 

If an accident is impactful enough, the consequences could persist for much longer than you may think. In fact, certain issues like chronic migraines and hip pain can impair quality of life in patients for several years. 

That’s why it’s so important to begin physical therapy immediately after an accident. The sooner your treatment begins, the faster you’ll eliminate the likelihood of long-term pain and suffering. 

2. PT Helps to Avoid Surgery 

Of course, critical injuries need operations right away. But that doesn’t mean the less serious injuries won’t also need surgery in the future. And the longer you wait to begin physical therapy, the higher the chances of needing eventual surgery. 

When guiding our patients through their stretching, we target the fragile muscles and ligaments in order to strengthen them. As a result, we don’t just heal damage, but improve the body’s ability to protect itself in the future. 

Also, there’s the bonus advantage of saving a ton of money. Who doesn’t love that? Physical therapy (in comparison to surgery) is more co st-effective by a massive percentage. And you won’t have to spend weeks of downtime in bed waiting to recover! 

3. Physical Activity = Pain Management 

Sure, we know the idea of moving around after an accident sounds very  perplexing. However, all physical therapists know that being active can reduce your pain and streamline your healing so you’re feeling well again much quicker.

Moving around, specifically in exercises your therapist designates, pumps oxygen-rich blood to the injured area. As a result, your body is engaging in the healing process.  

Conclusion – Lake Shore Physical Therapy

At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, our passion for helping people heal through natural means motivates us daily. Naturally, many of our patients come to us in the aftermath of auto accidents, hoping to heal and live pain-free, mobile lives. Every single patient receives individual assessments and consultations with one of our certified physical therapists. Then, we’ll develop a custom treatment plan specifically for them, their needs and what will benefit them most.

Ultimately, the most essential thing to remember is never to wait if you’ve been in an auto accident. Your healing and recovery depends on how soon you manage to begin physical therapy.