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3 Reasons Why Physical Therapy Is Your Best Treatment Option

Unfortunately, all too many Americans who experience chronic pain choose the wrong solutions. Prescription painkillers are dangerous, habit-forming and often have devastating consequences. Surgeries are invasive, costly and can affect patients in the long-term in unexpected ways. Without a doubt, physical therapy remains the very best treatment for countless reasons. In this post, we’ll explore three of them.

No one should have to live their lives in pain. Whether the result of acute or chronic injury, a summertime injury or surgery recovery, pain affects millions of Americans every day. Often, it can be severe enough to inhibit mobility or limit the ability to live an independent life. At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, we’re passionate about guiding our patients through the recovery process safely, naturally and effectively.


1. PT Provides Individual, Custom Treatment

Without a doubt, the one-on-one approach to treatment is one of the best, most fundamental aspects of physical therapy. Rather than receiving a basic, impersonal treatment, your therapy will focus on you.

First, your therapist will assess your symptoms, medical history and more to develop a thorough understanding of your needs. Then, they’ll come up with an individualized treatment plan and exercise regimen with a keen focus on delivering the best results possible. Ultimately, each and every step of the process is calibrated based on how best to help you, and you alone.

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2. PT Doesn’t Mask Pain, It Eliminates It

Let’s face it: painkillers don’t actually kill pain, per se. Rather, they simply intoxicate us enough that we’re no longer focusing on it. However, it’s important to remember that pain medication isn’t just dangerous and enormously risky. In addition, it’s just plain ineffective.

Physical therapy (and the exercises throughout) trigger the body’s natural healing mechanisms. By committing to your treatment plan, you’ll be steadily working towards activating your biological ability to eliminate the pain at the source. So, if you’re dealing with back pain, you’ll likely perform back-engaging exercises that will gradually diminish the symptoms until they’re gone entirely.

3. PT Improves Performance, Mobility & Function

Physical therapy won’t just eliminate pain. In fact, there are numerous “bonus” benefits of physical therapy. Usually, patients are pleasantly surprised and delighted when they discover them.

In addition to restoring your ability to live a mobile and independent lifestyle, you’ll see marginal improvements in coordination, endurance, core stability, athletic performance, agility, staying active and more. These are all skills you can utilize in your work, playing sports, in hobbies and more.


Conclusion – Lake Shore Physical Therapy

Of course, these are three fantastic benefits. However, truthfully, there are countless additional reasons to select physical therapy as your primary treatment option. At Lake Shore Physical Therapy, we’re passionate about delivering each of these and more to every single one of our patients.

Again: no one should live their lives in pain. Contact Lake Shore Physical Therapy now to schedule your consultation with a physical therapist.