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2 Simple Ways to Help You Stay Active

For so many of us, the idea of maintaining an active lifestyle seems positively daunting. Of course, it’s very easy to understand why. First and foremost, our daily lives are busier and more stressful than ever. Therefore, making time for exercise or even sustaining enough activity to finish your day-to-day tasks feels impossible. Additionally, many of us fall out of sync with exercise routines and abandon our commitments to the gym or running. As a result, we’re no longer in great shape, our energy levels plummet, and that can be incredibly discouraging.

However, did you know that maintaining an active lifestyle really isn’t as complex as you may think? You don’t have to spend multiple hours lifting heavy weights or running to feverish excess on a treadmill at the gym every day to stay active. In fact, there are two painfully simple ways you can remain active without compromising your other obligations or making serious exercise mistakes. In this post, we’ll explore them and the easy ways they can help you sustain your physical activity. Hopefully, at least one of them will have a positive influence on you!

1. Get Enough Sleep!

Ever since elementary school, you’ve heard it over and over again. Therefore, it’s no great mystery that you should be making sufficient sleep a priority. Sleep and your general health/wellness are synonymous in almost every way. A healthy, active lifestyle simply isn’t possible without regular, uninterrupted, restful sleep.

However, common sleep issues affect an astonishing percentage of the U.S. adult population. Fortunately, for those struggling to get enough sleep, physical therapy can help. In addition to engaging exercises that will help you to sleep better at night, you’ll find yourself having more energy during the day. As a result, you’ll find it easier to maintain a higher degree of activity.

Also, a physical therapist can guide you through intense and consistent exercises that will help you sleep better. However, physical therapists can also provide individual, one-on-one insight into your specific sleep patterns. This insight will include how you, personally, can sleep more soundly at night.

2. Eliminate Pain

Of course, this is one of the most common reasons for both limited activity and lack of sleep. In addition, it’s one of the most understandable. When we’re in pain, it’s basically impossible to find the motivation to remain active. Therefore, when we’re consumed with acute or chronic pain, sleep remains elusive.

According to the National Institute of Health, about 25 million adults reported pain daily for three months in a 2012 survey. Fortunately, there’s a simple (but effective) way to manage or eliminate pain – physical therapy. And best of all? It provides a way to deal with pain that doesn’t involve addictive narcotics or invasive surgeries.

Standard physical therapy treatments, or more specialized treatments, can all contribute to long-term pain relief from sports injuries. Additionally, physical therapy has proven to restore joint and muscle function, in order to foster a more active lifestyle.

Conclusion – Lake Shore Physical Therapy

Of course, at Lake Shore Physical Therapy, our team of fully trained and certified therapists have a diverse range of experience and knowledge. This includes providing incomparable insight and guidance to our patients on how they can lead a more active lifestyle. Not everyone is the same, so one of the many benefits of physical therapy is specific, individualized advice that’s for you and you alone.